I just finished my senior year at SUNY Purchase, studying composition.  Time flies.  I can't thank the folks at the conservatory of music enough for their support and encouragement. 

I grew up in the New York City metropolitan area, just a 40 minute train ride from the heart of Manhattan.  I am fortunate enough to have loving and supportive parents who want to see all three of their sons succeed.  I am the baby of the family.  I wouldn't have wanted it any other way.  My brothers would share their interests and teach me about worlds I couldn't even imagine yet.  We used to listen to The Beatles "One" album in the car (on repeat).  After making the rounds through all the classic rock bands, my brothers' (and my) tastes shifted into the present day.

I wanted nothing more than to play the drums in elementary school.  The school required me to write three instrument choices, just in case all the spots filled up.  My mother wrote on the bottom of the sheet, "Ethan really wants to play the drums."  I love you mom.

Santa brought a Groove Percussion drum kit for Christmas and I was off to the races.  Practicing still felt like work to me.  Weekly lessons, two school concerts a year, the usual.  One day, I sat behind my drums, popped on my headphones, and started grooving along to "When the Levee Breaks" by Led Zeppelin.  I thought, "This is fun.  I like this.  A lot."

I began composing at 14.  The piano became my instrument of choice.  I spent most of my afternoons writing.  Drum lessons were on Monday night.  They quickly became composition lessons.  I wrote a short piece for my high school wind ensemble with the help of my extremely influential instructors, George Petersen and James McCrann.

I started writing short compositions for Stonestreet Studios, the film acting studio affiliated with NYU's Tisch School of the Arts.  Around this time I started my studies at the conservatory of music at Purchase.  Purchase has an incredible community of artists.  I am always looking for collaborators, especially those in the film department.  I have worked on over a dozen shorts produced by Purchase students.  

My fellow Conservatory friend Kevin Young introduced me to Alexander Stockton, a very talented Dartmouth student who wrote and directed the feature film "Transient".  Kevin and I collaborated on the music...I like to think with great results.

During the past two summers, I have worked at Stonestreet Studios, as their in house composer, working on projects such as the feature film "ReRun" and the web series "Showception".

© 2017 Ethan Gustavson